Import of vehicles in Pakistan. (I.e. Car shipping, Vehicle shipping)

Last Updated: February 16, 2019
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Import of vehicles in Pakistan
Here I shared my knowledge Regarding the procedure required to import vehicles in Pakistan. I have tried to share amended new rules & regulation, but still, there is no guarantee that whatever is here in this website is 100% right. However, most of the things are clear and straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions – Import of Vehicles In Pakistan

Q 1: As an abroad Pakistani can anyone import a vehicle from abroad ? Where will I locate the important information ?

Ans: Yes; each abroad Pakistani, subject to satisfaction of qualification conditions as set down in The Import Trade and Procedure Order, 2000 can import a vehicle from abroad. In any case, understudies accepting settlements from Pakistan, nongaining individual from groups of the Pakistani National and the individuals who have imported/skilled vehicle amid the most recent two years can not import a vehicle under the said Rules. The import arrangement is frequently modified now and again, for the most part after each budgetary year. Along these lines, the most recent redesigned rendition of import approach request must be counseled. To the extent import of vehicles by travelers or abroad Pakistanis is concerned. The Personal Baggage and Gift Schemes (Import of Vehicles) Rules, 2000, Import Trade and Procedure Order, 2000 and CBR Circular No.4 of 1998 dated 03.06.1998 with respect to Capital Value Tax give points of interest of conditions and procedural customs.

Q 2:What kind of vehicles are importable under Personal Baggage/Gift Scheme and TR Scheme ?

Ans: New or up to 3 year old Car, Bus, Van, Truck and Pickup and 4×4 vehicles are importable under Gift and Personal Baggage Scheme and vehicles of same sort which are over three years of age are importable under TR Scheme according to Import Trade and Procedure Order, 2000.

Q 3: My Brother went to the USA one year back for studies and now he is returning after consummation of study. Could he bring a car?

Ans: A student getting remittance from Pakistan is not qualified to import an auto as far as condition-2 of Appendix-G of Import Trade and Procedure Order, 2000. In the event that your sibling is not getting any settlements from Pakistan and the vehicle is bought from his own particular profit abroad, he is likewise secured under the Rules.

Q 4: We have appointed a foreigner in our firm on contract premise. Would he be able to bring an auto along with him ?

Ans: Yes, a non-advantaged outside national who comes to Pakistan on a particular contract of administration with any nearby and remote firm or with a Government or semi-Government Authority in Pakistan can bring an auto as individual stuff. The vehicle must be discharged on the generation of employee`s contract (administration authentication) and on payment of customs duty and other taxes.

Q 5: How can an abroad Pakistani bring another car on his arrival to Pakistan?

Ans: An abroad Pakistani who has been residing abroad throughout the previous 7 months and has spent 180 days abroad during the last 7 months can bring another car under the Import Trade and Procedure Order, 2000. Nonetheless, in the event that he brings a vehicle of 1800cc or more or 4×4 vehicle, customs duty and other taxes will be paid in the foreign currency supported by bank encashment certificate.

Q 6: I am coming back from abroad following a two-month stay ? Can I bring a car or whatever another vehicle as a component of my stuff?

Ans: The base stay prerequisite for getting a vehicle stuff is 180 days. Since, your stay is just 60 days you are not qualified to import a vehicle under the Import Trade and Procedure Order, 2000.

Q 7: My sibling spent 8 months in Dubai and intends to return one month from now. Would he be able to bring a car ? On the off chance that yes, What sorts of vehicles he is permitted to import ?

Ans: Yes, your sibling is qualified to import one vehicle under the Import Trade and Procedure Order, 2000, yet the utilized vehicle must not be over three years of age (from the date of the section into Pakistan) under things plan. The old and utilized vehicle must be enrolled as a part of your brother’s name no less than 60 days before his takeoff for Pakistan. The three years of age vehicle implies a vehicle which is made three years before the date of import, e.g. a vehicle made in January 1999 is importable up to the end of 2002.

Q 8: My relative is coming back from abroad after over 180 days, however, he doesn’t know the technique of importing a vehicle in baggage. Would you be able to please illuminate in the matter of what docs will be required and what methodology be taken after ?

Ans: He is qualified for import one new or up to three years of age vehicle, in the event that he is coming back from abroad in the wake of finishing 180 days from the date of takeoff from Pakistan to the date of landing in Pakistan as per the present Import Policy of 2000. In the event that the vehicle is old and utilized, it must be enlisted in his name no less than 60 days before his flight for Pakistan. The accompanying archives will be required to be created to Customs Authorities.i) Purchase receipt of the vehicle.ii) Bill of filling (this report is issued by the transportation organization at the season of booking of the vehicle for Pakistan).iii) Photocopy of international ID appropriately bore witness to by the Embassy/Consulate of Pakistan abroad.iv) The enlistment records if there should arise an occurrence of utilized vehicles.In Custom House, Karachi the freedom of vehicles is finished by Group-VIII of Appraisement Collectorate situated at First Floor. The traveler who imports the vehicle himself introduces the previously stated archives to import approval cell (situated on the ground floor of Customs House, Karachi) alongside unique international ID. The staff posted in this phone gives an import approval structure (Free of expense) and the traveler in the wake of filling the structure conveys it to the concerned staff alongside aforementioned archives, which after the examination is submitted to Deputy/Assistant Collector accountable for Group-VIII for endorsement/signature.After endorsement/mark of the import approval shape, the first records are given over to the traveler and the vehicle is cleared after documenting of a bill of passage through the Customs affirmed clearing operator after installment of obligation and different duties. Essentially, a vehicle can likewise be cleared at different Customs Stations i.e. Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Quetta, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar.

Q 9: I stayed in the UK for a long time. Presently I am moving back to Pakistan and exchanging all my family unit products. Would I be able to bring an auto as a component of my stuff ? What remittances are appropriate for my situation ?

Ans: Yes, you can carry the vehicle alongside your stuff gave the vehicle is enrolled in your name for at any rate *** years abroad and you have a legitimate driving permit and you have not stayed in Pakistan for over 30 days amid the most recent six months from the date of your last flight for Pakistan. The vehicle’s enrollment archives must be marked and stamped from the Embassy/Consulate of Pakistan in the nation of ordinary home abroad. Deterioration at the rate of 4% for initial three months, and 2% every month for the resulting month with a most extreme of half devaluation, in the estimation of the vehicle as guaranteed by the producers is permitted as far as para 2(b) of CGO 4/93. No further remittances or decreases are acceptable.

Q 10: My sibling is residing in the USA and holds USA nationality. Would he be able to bring an auto under Personal Baggage/Gift Scheme ?

Ans; No; he is not qualified for import an auto under Personal Baggage/Gift Scheme. Be that as it may, a native of Pakistan living abroad having double nationality can import an auto under Pakistani Passport yet the remote international ID is additionally required for affirmation of imperative stay abroad.

Q 11: If I can’t pay the obligation, charges evaluated on my auto, what will happen? Can I send my auto back?

Ans: The car will be subject to transfer through closeout. You can, however, guarantee the deal continues after a conclusion of all leviable obligation, charges, and different charges. (Nonetheless, you can send it back subsequent to getting NOC from Ministry of Commerce and State Bank of Pakistan.

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