Container(is) already in customs process.

Last Updated: February 17, 2014
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How To Solve Container(is) already in customs process issue ?

While Submitting Gd in Weboc (Web Based One Customs) System, Often its happen when you sees an error saying that Container (is) already in customs process.It indicates that the container is not free for Export. What’s a reason behind this message? Or Why this message show.

Just Imagine your container is ready for export and standing in the port area and you face this issue so what will you do?.

We have numbers of reasons here, But the major reason is that, When Imports container gate-out of the port area its did not properly gate-out from weboc System therefore it shows this error.

How To Solve This Issue.

First of all you should confirm and recheck the container number, after confirmation you send an email to WeBoc customer care (email regarding this issue.

We faced the same issue, therefore We are sharing here complete conversion between us (Exporter and WeBoc Support).

1- Firstly we sent an email to Weboc Support Team:

For Example:

” Dear Sir,
We are Unable to file Export GD Again Container no.APXU-XXXXXX-X Due to the Subject Error (Container (is) already in customs process in WeBoc) at the time of Submit Gd & Our Container is on the way, will reach any time. Therefore, You are Requested to Kindly Solve this Issue As Soon as Possible “

2- After Few Minutes Weboc Support Team Replied that :

” Dear Sir,
This issue is related to KICT and we have alerted them to do the needful. Your patience is requested

Support  “

Now its clear this issue pertains to Kict due to this reason we send another email to KICT helpdesk ( Find Here QICT, PICT and KICT Help desk Email Address

3- Finally we received messege from weboc support team saying that:

” unit is free to use

support  ”

So the issue is solved and we submitted our GD successfully. It took at least 2 hours to solve this problem.

Thanks for reading this article ….!!!

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