Find Container is Free For Use In Weboc.

Last Updated: February 15, 2019
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Find Container is Free For Use In Weboc.

Verify In WeBoc , Container Is Free For Export Use?

Sometimes it’s happened when we find ourselves in serious problem due to others incompetence and unprofessional behavior. In the same manner, if imports container not properly gated-out in the system or may be some other reasons, its create a problem for exporter (shipper) or customs clearing agent to again use this container for export. therefore an error would appear when clearing agent to submit GD (goods declaration) in the WeBoc it will say Container(is) already in customs process.

It’s not impossible to solve this problem but it takes time (click here and read detail article how to solve this issue), what happened when you don’t have time due to tight vessel schedule? so don’t worry and keep reading we will answer your all questions!

How to find container is free for export use or not?

It’s better For exporter and clearing agent to check container availability prior to loading for export goods, Today we discuss how to check containers status in WeBoc complete guide with the support of images for clear understanding.

Step 1: First of all click here to login in WeBoc system with your username and password: as shown in below image
Web Based One Customs
Image 1
Step 2:
After login you are on home page of WeBoc, As you can see in image 2 click “User Support System” page.
Check Container is Free For Use In Weboc.
Image 2
Step 3:
Follow image 3 `s instruction and click on 4th option in WeBoc “Find whether container is free for use

Track Container In WeBoc
Image 3
Step 4:
Now other page appear where you will write container number without dash sees image 4 for reference.
Container`s Status in WeBoc
image 4
Step 5:
It’s the 5th and final step where you get container `s status, In image 5 its show “Container is Free” its mean container is free for export use in WeBoc on the other hand in image 6 it shows Container(is) already in customs process. its refer that container still in customs process.

We have two option to deal with such(still in customs process) type of container.

  • The first option returns this empty container and takes another one.
  • Second option if you have time so contact WeBoc customer care(click here for the guide) and let them solve this issue, Honestly they are really co-operative and customer friendly.

Container is Free For Export
image 5

Container is Free For Re-Use in WeBoc
image 6
I hope it helped you to solve your problem, so kindly share your thought with us.
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