Check K Electric Bill Online or K-electric Duplicate Bill – Print, View and Download.

Last Updated: April 30, 2022

K-electric Duplicate Bill - Print, View And Download.

K-electric Duplicate Bill – Print, View, and Download.

If you are looking for K-electric Duplicate Bill and want to know How to check K Electric Bill Online, so you are on the right place, here we explain most asked question K Electric Bill Online check Karachi?

K-Electric, formerly: Karachi Electric Supply Company Ltd (KESC) commonly referred to as KE, It is a Pakistani vertically integrated electric corporation. K-Electric the main provider of electric power to the 20 million people of Karachi.

Generate Duplicate K-Electric Bill

If you still not received you K-Electric bill And think of going k-electric office to obtain duplicate electricity bill So don’t waste your time there, though you can online print and view your k-electric duplicate bill comfortably sitting at your home and office.

Click Here To View And Download KESC Bill.

This link will take you page as shown in below picture

We have two option through which we can search for our bill. As we can see

1- Enter your 13-digit Account Number:
You can find this 13- digit code in your previous month’s bills. As shown in the picture below

2- Consumer Number:
This number also mention in previous months bills, Therefore bills scan copy share below to help consumer no.


Finally, print your bill (a printed copy is accepted in all banks) and pay at your nearest Bank.

Register Your Email for Receiving Monthly Bill Via E-Mail

I am personally using these services, therefore recommend you to use it, after registration, you will receive your monthly bill via email.

Step to Register This Service:
1-Just Type your Email Address
2- Type Mobile Number
Press Enter

They will send an email to your provided email address go there and confirm your email and you have done it!

I hope this post will help to get your bills to copy online. waiting for your comments!

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