Often it happens when Importer and Exporter want to change CC (Customs Clearing) agent or add a new one so they provide their WeBoc id and password to clearing agent and CC agent do this job. Even though it’s not a rocket science, In few steps importer or exporter can do this easily.
Therefore, Today In this article we will learn how to add Customs Clearing Agent ‘s name in WeBoc.

Add Customs Clearing Agents License Number in WeBoc.

1- First Step :-
First of all Click Here  and Login in WeBoc (Web Based One Customs) using your username and password, After login, you see a page as shown in below image now click setting as indicating in the image.

2- Second Step :-
Once click on setting the second page will appear as you can see in below image, Now click on ” Add Agents In Trader List

3- Third Step :-
Now select Agents Location as can be seen in the below picture !

Supposed agent ‘s location is Karachi so we select Karachi Customs.

4- Final Step :-
Now we will add customs clearing agent license number which is provided by clearing agent or asked them their License no. (CHAL No.) and once you know agents’ license number so write in the box as mention in the image below and click the add button.

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 Note:All the Information in this Article Just For Information Purpose!

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