Anti Narcotics Force Pakistan

Last Updated: April 14, 2014
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Anti Narcotics Force Pakistan

Anti-Narcotics Force

The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) is a federal executive bureau of the Government of Pakistan, tasked with combating the drug smuggling and use within Pakistan. Due to its nominal nature, the bureau’s director consisted the active-duty general officer of Pakistan Army, who are hired and given commissioned by the civilian government of Pakistan; currently, Major-General Shakeel Hussain is a hired and commissioned officer of the ANF. Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) was established in February 1995


Anti Narcotics Force Logo The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) focus on the eradication of narcotics and maintenance of Pakistan’s poppy-free status, but also places greater emphasis on coordination and cooperation among federal and provincial agencies and departments involved in anti-narcotics activities. The Policy seeks to enhance public participation in combating drug abuse, strengthen drug enforcement structures and boost treatment and rehabilitation services. A drug-free Pakistan remains the ultimate goal, and while this may not be achieved in the short term, it is a goal we strive for in partnership with the people of Pakistan, the region and the international community.
Email Address
Senior Joint Secretary+92-51-9261804
Deputy Secretary 1+92-51-9261887
Deputy Secretary 2+92-51-9261858
Deputy Secretary 3+92-51-9262360
Headquarters Anti Narcotics Force
Email Address
Director General+92-51-9270170
Director HQ+92-51-9270180
Director Enf+92-51-9286005
Director DAPRC+92-51-9286006
Director Asset+92-51-9286033
Director P &D+92-51-9286040
Director Legal+92-51-9286026
Joint Director (Enf)-A+92-51-9286029
Joint Director (Enf)-B+92-51-9286009
Joint Director Intl. Cooperation+92-51-9286008
Joint Director Log+92-51-9286024
Joint Director Avn+92-51-9286025
Deputy Director IT+92-51-9286016
Regional Directorate Karachi
Email Address
Force Commander+92-21-9204982
Joint Director+92-21-9204983
Regional Directorate Lahore
Email Address
Force Commander+92-42-36672468
Joint Director+92-42-36672497
Regional Directorate Peshawar
Email Address
Force Commander+92-91-9217308
Joint Director+92-91-9217324
Regional Directorate Quetta
Email Address
Force Commander+92-81-9201923
Joint Director+92-81-9202514
Regional Directorate Rawalpindi
Email Address
+92-51-2303330 & 31
Force Commander+92-51-2303222
Joint Director+92-51-2303328