How To Get Weboc ID

Narinder Maheshwary
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How To Get WeBoc ID
How to register in WeBoc? Or WeBoc Registration procedure? These are most repeated questions which are asked, therefore, Today I have decided to write an article regarding this issue. In this article, we will discuss How to get WeBoc id , Password, and what documents  require obtaining WeBoc Id , password(WeBoc registration form).

WeBoc Documents Check List

This image is just a sample, original checklist can be download in below given link

WeBoc Registration Or Application Forms

Both forms can be download  from below-given links and We need to fill both forms

Form ‘A’
WeBoc registration form

Form ‘B’
WeBoc application form

Documents Required For WeBoc Registration

1-  Request Letter on Company Letter Head (Original) and Photo Copy.
WeBoc Registration Request Letter for Issuing User Id & Password Print this letter on Original Letter Head and a take copy of  it. (Click Here To Download This Request Letter in Microsoft Word File Format)

2- NTN Certificate (Original) and Photo Copy.
Original NTN and photocopy required (photocopy must be attested), Original will return after checking.

3- Sales Tax Registration Certificate (Original) and Photo Copy.
Original Sales Tax Registration Certificate and photocopy required (photocopy must be attested), Original will return after checking.

4- Rent Agreement / Owner Papers of Business Premises.
If your premises (factory) on rent so attached rent agreement also.

5- Electricity Bill of  the Office Premises.
Attached Electricity Bills for address proof

6- Bank Certificate, Confirm Maintenance of Account With Them (Original)
Your Bank will provide this certificate ask them to issue this certificate.

7- Bank Account Statement For The Last Two Months (Original)
Also take bank statement for the last two months.

8- Partnership Deed (In Case of Partnership Firm)
If you are running partnership business so partnership deed also required.

9- Nadra Verisys Verification
This is your CNIC verification this can get easily from any Nadra e-Sahulat office, they will charge you Rs.50/- and this provide Slip, Its will look like as below image:

Nadra CNIC Verification Slip

10- Customs Clearing Agent License ( Only For Clearing Agent)
This requirement only for clearing agent.

11- Customs Shipping Agent License (Only For Shipping Lines)
This requirement only for Shipping Lines

12- ATL / Online NTN Verification

For online NTN verification first visit NTN verification Pageanother page will open just write your NTN number there and press search button it will show your NTN details so click no Details as indicating in Image 1, Finally you will get the result as shown in Image 2 now take out print.

ATL / Online NTN Verification
Image 1
NTN Verification Online
Image 2 
13- Other Documents

  • B/L Copy of Last Shipment
  • GD (Goods Declaration) Copy of Last Shipment


Finally Collect All Documents and Submit them to Assistant Collector Registration WeBoc on Second Floor, Customs House Karachi (or Customs House in Your city).

Note: We will have to physically submit these documents to Assistant Collector Registration WeBoc (Customs House).

Thanks for read this I hope this article will help you so please comments.

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