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Last Updated: February 17, 2019

I Forgot My WeBoc Password

Today in this guide I am going to share my experience with you, what I did when I forgot my WeBoc password, how can I recover my WeBoc password back and what procedure I followed to recover lost WeBoc password, an ultimate guide with required documents checklist.

How To Recover Forgotten Weboc Password and Id

WeBoc is the only customs clearing system of both import and export trade consignment in Pakistan, Now it’s not possible to carry on the business without “WeBoc” because initial preparation of import or export of consignment performs in WeBoc such as GD (Goods Declaration) Filing, Calculate customs duty, attached documents etc. In Short, WeBoc is a source between you and Pakistan Customs (Customs Officers) for the clearing of your import or export Cargo.

Therefore, it’s very important for us to note WeBoc Id and Password in the safe place, remember don`t share your WeBoc login information with anyone because anything done in your login Id, will consider on your behalf. Due to this reason we also advise you should not provide WeBoc id and password to clearing agent if you want to add clearing agent license in your WeBoc id so simply follow 4 easy step discussed in the post How to add clearing agents license in WeBoc.

Procedure to Reset Weboc Password or Id:

Sometimes it happens when we changed Weboc password but due to busy in our daily routine Forgot the password we had set before so don’t worry follow the below mention step to reset Password:

Documents Required to Obtain Weboc Passwords Again

  1. Original NTN (National Tax Number) 
  2. Original Sales Tax
  3. Original CNIC of Owner of the Company (Director or Any Authorized Person)
  4. Password Request Letter to the name of D/C Customs House Karachi (Download Request Letter)

Collect all documents mention above and reach your nearest customs house such as Karachi New Customs House, Lahore Custom House etc. In Karachi Customs House, Dc Sit on the ground floor in Model Custom, Submit request letter to Dc then DC will see your original documents and send the password to your email address(where you received Id Password first)after that Original documents will return Back. Finally, check your email and save your password

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