How Can I Get My Goods Declaration (GD) Online

Last Updated: February 15, 2019
Category: Import & Export
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How Can I Get My Goods Declaration (GD) Online

How Can I Get My Goods Declaration (GD) Online

In this article, we are going to explain ” How to Get Your WeBoc Gd Online ” because it is most repeated questions that asked from us, therefore today we decided to write a complete procedure through which you can get WeBoc GD of your container online.

Most of the exporter hires clearing agent to complete customs formalities and clear their cargo from Pakistan Customs, Exporter Just provide related documents (Cro, Loading Program, Invoice, Packing List etc…) to clearing agent and clearing agent will file Goods Declaration in WeBoc and also complete other formalities to clear your container from customs.

It’s also clearing agent`s duty to provide Goods Declaration (GD) to exporter once Gd released from customs. but with a number of reasons they do not provide Gd to Exporter on time, as an exporter if you face the same issue so don’t worry! , we will guide you how you can get your container `s GD online without the help of clearing agent. Simply Follow Below Mention Steps:-

Download Goods Declaration Online:-

Here Exporter will use their WeBoc id and password to login:-

Step:1 First Visit WeBoc`s Website then logging using WeBoc id and password.


Step:2 After logging in WeBoc you will see a list of options on the left side, now click Goods Declaration as indicated in below image:-


Step:3 Once Clicked on Goods Declaration then click on submitted as mention in the image.



Step: 4  List of GDs will appear after clicking on submitted, New select your required Gd and Click on Print in order to download this Gd.

Step:5  Then another popup window open from where you will download Gd,  
  • First, click on a button will appear left corner of the page (As shown in the image below)
  • Then the other popup window open now selects Pdf if you wanna download Gd in PDF Format 
  • Finally, click on the export button to Download or Save Goods Declaration. That`s All
    Step: 5

    Anything You Did Not Understand?

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