Import of Duty Free Car For Disable Person

Last Updated: February 16, 2019
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Import of Duty Free Car For Disable Person

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The Federal Board of Revenue and the Ministry of Commerce pleased to allow duty free import of a car at engine capacity up-to 1350 cc in new condition to physical Disabled persons (excluding mental retardation and old-age disability) for personal use.

2. In order to facilitate disabled persons to avail this facility and to provide them level of comfort for appearance before the Board at their respective Provinces, it has been decided forthwith to form Committees at the Provincial level to be chaired by the Secretary at the concerned Provincial Health Department. to hold meetings at hospitals under their administrative control to physically examine disabled persons for availing the above facility provided they fulfill criteria terms and conditions of the Scheme. The proposed composition of the Committee will be as under:-

  •  Two Orthopedic Surgeons of the Provincial Government Hospitals to be nominated by Provincial Health Secretary of the respective Province.
  • Regional Tax Officer. a BS-19 Officer of the respective Provincial Headquarters Office.
  • Representative of the Provincial Social Welfare Department to he nominated by the respective Secretaries.

3. The respective Committees will furnish their recommendations to Ministry of Commerce. Islamabad for issuance of necessary import authorizations. Customs Authorities will allow release of a car in favor of the applicant on the basis of authorization as issued by Ministry of Commerce.

4. The disabled persons may approach the Provincial Health Department for further information. Province-wise applications received in the Ministry of Commerce earlier from the interested applicants have already been forwarded to the respective provinces.

May apply under the Disabled Persons Scheme for import of a new car for personal use without payment of custom duties. The person has not imported a duty free car and/or has not purchased a locally manufactured car at concessional rate of duty/taxes during the last five years.


1. Eligibility

A Pakistani national suffering from physical disability (excluding mentally retarded /handicapped and old age disability) may apply under the Disabled Persons Scheme for import. once in five years. a new car not exceeding an engine capacity of 1350 cc For personal use without payment at custom duties provided the applicant. here in after referred as the ‘disabled person‘

  • Is deemed to be otherwise fit to drive a car is. he/she is not disabled due to mental retardation! illness (mental or physical)/old age etc. and that the disability is such that can be overcome, for driving purposes. by fitting special gadgets to the car.
  • Possesses a valid driving license
  • Has a monthly verifiable personal income between Rs. 20,000 and Rs.100.000.
  • Has not imported a duly free car and nor has not purchased a locally
  • manufactured car at concessional rate of duty! taxes during the last five years
  • Has not been rejected by the board during last two years preceding the date of application


a. Valid driving license means a Driving license issued by an appropriate authority to drive a car/jeep and does not include a learner’s permit.

b. verifiable income means such income on which income tax has been paid or is so certified by appropriate revenue authorities in case of agricultural income.

2. Procedure

  • Valid driving license
  • National Tax Number (NTN) Certificates and annual income tax returns.
  • Documents / medical certificates/X-rays in support of declared disability.
  • Special Computerized National Identify cards for disabled persons/Disability Certificate by National Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (NCRDP) or by Provincial Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled persons (PCRDP) of the Ministry of Social welfare.
  • The disabled person may apply on prescribed application form to the Secretary Provincial Health Department along with certified copies of the documents.
  • The applicant shall be examined and interviewed by the Provincial Committees chaired by Secretary of the concerned Provincial Health Department. The Committee shall normally meet when a sufficient number of applications are received from disabled persons. The applicants belonging to Islamabad territory and FATA may appear before the Punjab Provincial Committee and Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa provincial Committee respectively.
  • The Committee shall approve, reject or defer the application as deemed fit by it.
  • The decision of the Committee shall be final.
  • Ministry of Commerce shall issue Import Authorization on recommendation of Committee. The Authorization shall be valid for a period of one year for import from date of issuance. Any alteration, amendment, over-writing etc. unless done by the Ministry of Commerce shall invalidate the Authorization.
  • The authorized disabled person shall furnish copies of import documents and registration documents, within three months of imports.

3. Terms and Conditions

i. car imported against the Authorization shall be for personal use of the disabled person and shall not be used for commercial purposes.

ii. Only brand new car shall be imported under the said scheme.

iii. The car so imported shall bear a special registration number and special color plates mentioning ‘Disabled Persons Car’ so provided by the provincial excise G taxation department

iv. The car shall be driven by the person in whose favor the import authorization is issued unless otherwise specifically allowed by the Committee.

v. Sale, transfer or alienation in any other manner of the car so imported is not allowed within live years of import except

  • To another disabled person on production of a valid import authorization issued by the Ministry of Commerce on recommendation of the Committee.
  • On payment of custom duly and taxes as were otherwise applicable at – the time of import and were exempted.
  • In case of death of the authorized disabled person. the legal heirs can dispose off the vehicle, within 5 years of import. only in the manner specified above.

4. Authorizations issued under the previous scheme i.e. purchase of locally manufactured cars on concessional custom duties shall not automatically qualify the disabled person under this scheme‘

The FBR issued a notification allowing import of such cars for personal use of disabled persons to overcome their disability, subject to fulfillment of criteria and conditions laid down in the policy.
The notification said that at the time of import of car the disabled person must have import authorization certificate from the commerce ministry. Under the scheme, a disabled person would be allowed to import only one car and it would not be sold or transferred to any person before the expiry of five years from the date of its arrival in Pakistan.

The criteria of eligibility laid down under the Import Order allows a Pakistani national suffering from physical disability (excluding mental retardation and old-age disability) to apply to the board for import a new car of the said capacity.

Cars imported under the scheme would be for personal use of the disabled person and would not be used for commercial purposes and only a brand new car would be imported under the scheme.
The car would bear a special registration number and special color plates mentioning “Disabled Person Car” provided by the provincial excise and taxation department.

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