How To Clear Export Customs – Complete Procedure

Last Updated: February 15, 2019

How To Start Export Business In Pakistan

Want to start a business in Pakistan? & Don`t know where to start! So don`t worry, we are here to help you, Start an export business in Pakistan is a challenging task, therefore we are trying to make this process simple with our knowledge but remember one thing Without “Kharcha Pani” doing business is impossible. Even you can’t register your company or get a Sales Tax Number without it.

note: kharcha Pani Literally it means “bribe or (small) payment”

Q1: How To Export from Pakistan?

Ans: In order to start an export business, first we need to register our business with concern department, here in Pakistan FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) is operating for this purpose so we will register our business (Company Name). Read More

Q2: How To Register Company Name in FBR?

Ans: Now if you want to register your business in FBR, so you have to visit the FBR field office, they all help you to register your company. (List of Tax Offices (RTO) In Pakistan)

Q3: How To Obtain Weboc Id and Password?

Ans: We have already discussed the complete procedure to get WeBoc id & password Click Here to Read.

Q4: What is a Freight Forwarder & What They Do?

Ans: A freight forwarder is a person who takes care of the important steps of shipping the merchandise. This person quotes shipping rates, provides routing information, and books on cargo space.

Freight forwarders prepare documentation, contract shipping insurance, route cargo with the lowest customs charges, and arrange storage. They are valuable to you as an import/export agent, and they are important in handling the steps from factory to final destination.

Q5: What is a Clearing Agent & What They Do?

Ans: A clearing agent is a person who will provide his services to clear your goods from the customs department if you want to import/export the goods to other countries.  For More Information
If you appoint any clearing agent so your clearing agent will complete customs formality and release your container or shipment. Just add him to your WeBoc`s agent clearing list (How to add clearing agent in Weboc) using WeBoc id and provide him documents (i.e. Invoice, Packing List, Cro (Loading Program), Form-E).

Q6: What Documents are Required for Export Customs Clearance?

Ans: Below provide the complete list of document required at the time of export customs clearing.
  • NTN Copy  ( it will provide by FB once complete registration process)
  • Bank Form-E ( get this from your dealing bank)
  • Commercial Invoice ( Sample Invoice )
  • Packing List ( Sample P/L )

For complete details Read this article Click Here

Q6: What is GD?

Ans: GD stands for Goods Declaration, It`s a custom online declaration form which uses to mention complete details (i.e. Quantity, Unit Price, Payment Terms etc.) of Goods that we want to import or export. Gd`s complete column wise detail discussed here Read More

Q7: How To File Export Gd (Goods Declaration) in Weboc System?

Ans: Now a day Weboc is only Pakistan`s customs clearing system so that we need to file gd in Weboc. it’s a very tough job for a person who doesn’t know how to file it, therefore we try to provide step by step guide (with picture) to make this job easy. Read More

Q8: How To Clear Goods From Customs ? or How To Clear Export Customs Examination?

Ans: We have already written complete process of clearance goods from customs in details so Click Here to read it.

Q9: How To Clear ANF Examination?

Ans: Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) is a Government security agency, We will have to clear container once ANF Hold It. Click Here to Read More
Anything You Did Not Understand?
if there is anything that you did n’t understand about this post and ask something so please comment below without any hesitation I will be happy to help you and don’t forget to share it if you think it’s useful, God bless you!

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4 responses to “How To Clear Export Customs – Complete Procedure”

  1. I m little confused if you can help it will be helpful. Let say i obtain weboc for export in abc company name and i got order for export on another xyz company and want to export in xyz company name, in both company i m the proprietor. can i use my xyz company in GD in weboc for declaration and export or i have to use abc company name only.

  2. If your buyer don`t have any problem so you can use any one, because after shipment shipping line will issue you master bill of lading in which your company name written.

  3. Unknown says:

    Hello Narinder. you are hope in Pakistan.
    Kindly tell me do i need Sale Tax Registration if i only do exports.
    if yes. what is the purpose.

    Please clear me little bit about sale tax for trader doing exports.

    Thank you

  4. Dear Friend,
    Here In Pakistan you need WeBoc Id and Password in order to do the export, and sales tax, registration certificate is included in necessary document without it they will not issue you a WeBoc Id & password without it you can`t do the export. Please Read this Article First,

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