How to Block Stolen Mobile Phone

Last Updated: April 13, 2015

What Step We Need to Take when our mobile lost or snetch

How to Report ?

Call Police 15
Call at PTA toll free number 080025625
Call CPLC Citizen Police Liaison Committee
Tel:021-35662222 Fax: 021-35683336 website:
For complaints and queries email at

What to Provide ?

Cell Phone No.
National ID card number
Address And Contact number

Above all !!!
Make sure your mobile phone connection is in your own name i.e.
Your Sim identity is safe. Contact your mobile service provider to check this.

Don`t panic! if your mobile set gets stolen or snatched.
With PTA`s Intertional Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) No. System you can get your mobile set blocked/ ineffective making it useless for anyone else.

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