PUBLIC NOTICE NO.__1____/2015 (AW)

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Here we are reproducing the notification, which we received from the AC / DC Administration in Weboc on 18/03/2015 7:02:10 PM.


No.S1/Misc/01/2014 (BG Cell) Dated: 13.03.2015

PUBLIC NOTICE NO.______/2015 (AW)

It has been observed that a large number of financial securities like Bank Guarantees, Pay Orders, Post Dated Cheques and Indemnity Bonds are pending in the Bank Guarantee Cell of this Collectorate. Following actions are being taken:

i) Encashments

ii) Where required documentation are furnished by the importers/clearing agents then financial instruments will be released. Scrutiny by the Collectorate has transpired that the importers have not fulfilled the conditions laid down in the notification under which securities were furnished and accordingly such security instruments are liable to be encashed. Despite stated position the importers/ authorized clearing agents are being provided an opportunity to establish that the conditions laid down in the relevant SRO, have been fulfilled and securities are liable to be released. As a way forward, following is suggested to all concerned:

a) Review at their own, all pending financial securities deposited in this Collectorate which still have not been released. They are requested to intimate the current status regarding the fulfillment of conditions laid down in the relevant SRO.

b) In case the conditions/formalities laid down in the relevant notification under which security was deposited have already been fulfilled and intimated to concerned section, then proof of such intimation may be provided afresh to BG Cell for release of the security.

c) In case there is any change in particulars of an importer like address, bank account details, ownership etc., the same should be intimated to BG Cell immediately. BG Cell have been issuing/dispatching notices on available addresses and in case of return or non-delivery of notices, the security instruments shall be encashed without further notice.

d) Ensure that sufficient amount not less than the amount of security instruments deposited in BG Cell, is available in their given bank accounts. In case, securities/cheques are dishonoured due to insufficient balance or any other invalid excuse, this Collectorate would initiate penal proceedings as prescribed under law.

2. Above information is to be furnished to this Collectorate before 31st March, 2015 failing which all related processes including encashment of security instruments shall be initiated as per available record and without any further notice from this Collectorate. Thus, this notice may be taken as final notice from this side.

(Mohammad Saleem)

Copy to:-

1) The Member (Customs), Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad.
2) The Chief Collector of Customs, Appraisement (South), Custom House, Karachi.
3) The Chief Collector of Customs, Enforcement (South), Custom House. Karachi.
4) The Chief Collector of Customs, (Central), Custom House, Lahore.
5) The Chief Collector of Customs, (North), Plot No.24. Sector C-9/1. Mauve Area, Islamabad.
6) The Collector, MCC Appraisement (East), Custom House. Karachi.
7) The Collector, MCC Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, Karachi.
8) The Deputy Collector, MIS-I, MCC Appraisement (West), Karachi for dispatch of this notice to all registered importers and clearing agents through WeBOC.
9) The Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), Federation House. Clifton. Karachi.
10) The Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi.
11) The Karachi Customs Agents Association. Karachi.
12) Notice Board for information of all concerned.
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