Create Export GD in Weboc Video Tutorial in Urdu

Last Updated: February 15, 2019
Category: Import & Export
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How To Prepare Customs Goods Declaration in Weboc (Video Tutorial In Urdu)


Do you really want to know how to file goods declaration online? if yes! then you are on a right place Here we already discussed detail article with title File Weboc Gd Online and today we are going to share Weboc GD filing video tutorial in Urdu.In this video guide we tried to cover every expect which comes during gd filing process such as

  1. Basic Information Section.
  2. GD Information Section.
  3. Financials Information Section.
  4. Supporting Information for Customs Processing Section.
  5. Form E Information Section.
  6. Items Information Section.

            For filling these section we guide you what to select and why so that you can file GD according to your need.

            Here we tried our level best to provide true information, but we still not 100% guarantee it, so you should Confirm it first & we are not responsible for any loss! All Information in this Article Just For Education Purpose

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