Electronic Form-E Filling System

Last Updated: February 15, 2019
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Electronic Form-E filling system

Online E-Form filling system in WeBoc:-

Now online Electronic Form-E filling system in WeBoc is going to launch very soon, according to message that we received from Assistant Collector, all export goods declarations through Weboc always be submitted and completed by compulsory filing of the electronic E-Form.

After implementing Online Form-E filling system, the physical submission of E-Form and uploading of E-Form in Weboc will eliminate completely.

Weboc Notification of Electronic Form-E Filling:-

Below We are re-producing the message that we received in Weboc System.
Consequent to the detailed deliberations and numerous UATs (User Acceptance Tests) held with stakeholders the electronic Form-E filling system is near its roll-out stage now. All Export Goods Declarations (GDs) through WeBOC automated customs clearance system as well as the manual One-Customs system would invariably be submitted and completed with compulsory filling of the electronic E-Form. The present practice of uploading of E-Forms in the WeBOC GD and physical submission of E-Forms for the One-Customs GDs would be done away with completely.

In view of above all the Exporters & Clearing Agents are hereby informed to be prepared for the roll-out of the electronic Form-E filling system. All those Exporters & Clearing Agents who do not have an active WeBOC User ID or the ones who are presently filling One-Customs GDs without WeBOC User ID must get their User IDs activated or get registered and receive new User IDs immediately to avoid any last minute problems.
Waqar Hussain
Assistant Collector (PQ)
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