License Renewal Procedure of Customs Clearing Agent

Last Updated: September 25, 2015
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Renewal Procedure of Customs House Agent License (CHAL)

Do you know what is a procedure to renew license? No, no, we are not talking about export license, nor import, today we are going to discuss Customs Clearing Agent`s license renewal procedure with required document`s checklist and how can we arrange these documents, here we will try to give the answers to all your questions related to customs agent license.

Renew Customs License Before Expire:-

License holder (Customs Agent) will send application for renewal license to the Licensing Authority, two month before the expiry of the license.

Required Documents for Customs Agent Licence:-

Where to Submit Documents For License Renewal:-

After collecting all required documents, We will have to submit these documents in Custom House to the Deputy Collector of Custom The Licensing Authority

What Happens, If We Don`t Renew License:-

As we all know very well, now a day Pakistan customs clearing system (WeBoc) is fully automatic, if we will not take this license renewal process seriously and not renew our license on time, so they will block our license in system, due to this we will not be able to file goods declaration (GD), when we submit GD in WeBoc so message will appear there your License is Expire, therefore here we will recommend to renew your license as soon as possible in order to run your business smoothly.

License Renewal Penalty For Late Submission:-

Some time due to our laziness, we have to pay extra fee, in a same manner if we will not renew our license on time (Two month before the expire of the license) so we will have to pay extra Rs.5000/- as a penalty, so why pay more if you can save money applying for license renewal on time.

1- Affidavit (Affidavit For CHAL Renewal):-

In affidavit we will undertake the following.

  • We have applied for renewal of custom agent license
  • There is no case of tax paid fraud or any criminal against our company
  • There is neither any case against the managing director/ proprietor of company
  • Whatever is stated above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Download Affidavit for license renewal (In Excel)

2- Sales Tax Return:-

We will download current month`s sales tax return from the Sindh Revenue Board or Federal Board of Revenue `s website, where we submit sales tax returns. If you appoint any other man to manage your taxation work so get a sales tax return from him.

3- Income Tax Return:-

In a same manner we will also download latest income tax return from FBR or SRB`s websites 

4- Paid Up Challan:-

Paid up challan look like us image below, In Karachi its easy available in shops in front of customs house, it can also get from banks where we pay import duties, after getting this form we need to fill it and pay license renewal fee in national bank.


Custom-Agent-License-or-Customs Broker-Book5- Custom Agent Licence Book (C.H.A.L):-

We need original license book because licensing officer will write renewal period and also place stamp of renewal in this book. Here you can see a page of license book where licensing officer renewed period from 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2015 and also write cash number.

6- Certificate of Participation

Mandatory course certificate will provide to those agents who participate in this course organize by Directorate General of Training & Research

7- License Renewal Summary (Summary Renewal CHAL):-

Business transaction summary is also a required document for license renewal, here we will declare the total number of documents, total number of packages, total assessed value and total amount of customs duty during the period of renewal, for example: Jan 2013 to Oct 2015.


8- Customs Agent Association`s Membership Certificate:-

Karachi Custom Agent Association issues Custom Agents Membership Certificate to its member clearing agent after taking minimum charges (Rs.2000/- Customs Agent Association`s Membership Certificate Fee)

9- Undertaking:-

If customs agent still not participate in Mandatory Course from Directorate General of Training & Research so he/she will also ask for this undertaking, where he will undertake that we will submit the required Certificate of Participate when he will complete this course.

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