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Last Updated: February 15, 2019
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How to File Online Form E Issuance Request in Weboc

Do You Know, How Can You File Online Request For Form-E Issuance In Weboc? Or Get Form-E Number Online? In our last post we were informed our reader to get ready for the new filing mechanism of E form and today we are going to explain the complete procedure to submit a Form-E issuance request online in weboc and get Form-E No. using this new online Form-E issuance facility.

Procedure To Get Export Form E Online in Pakistan

Here we try our best to explain the process of filing Form-E through WeBoc as sample as possible so that an exporter can easily file online E Form issuance request in WeBoc.
Firstly visit WeBoc`s website then we will log in using trader`s weboc id and password, once we logged in, so we reached on weboc home page, now click on the user support system as indicating in the image below.

As we click on the user support system in weboc so different option appears on the right side which are given below

  1. Dray OFF GD
  2. Request NOC for inBonding in public warehouse
  3. Add Bonded Carrier GD`s List
  4. Download EDB Quotes
  5. Download EDB Quotes For Manual Debating
  6. File Request of NOC for Re-Export
  7. Find Whether container is free for use
  8. File request for issuance of Form-E
  9. Request of Extent Expiry Period of Ex Bond

Here we will click on 8th option (File request for issuance of Form-E) and remember this option will only appear in the trader`s (Exporter) WeBoc ID.

Once we enter into a file request for issuance of Form E option another page will show, where we can see the complete list of Form E request that we prepare or submit but here we are going to file a new request therefore, we will click on new request (as mention in image below).

After pressing new request button, E Form request form open that we need to fill the basic information section, Form E documents request information section and goods declaration section.

1- Basic Information of Form-E Request

In this section we need to fill following options

(i) Request No: Form E request no. automatically allot when we save this request form after completely filling.

(ii) Trader Name: First of all we will select an exporter name from the drop down box.

(iii) Trader Address: address automatically filled when we select the trader name.


2- Form E Documents Request Information:-

(i) Consignee Name & Address: Write complete name and address of importer (Consignee).

(ii) Country: Select destination country where we want to ship our cargo. For example: United State of America, United Kingdom etc..

(iii) Port of Discharge: Now complete list of port available in your selected country will load here, you need to select destination port. i.e: New York

(iv) Currency:Here we will select currency. For example: USD, EURO etc..

(v) Payment/Delivery Terms: Select delivery term from here. i.e: FOB, CNF, CIF, etc..


Terms-of-Sale(vi) Terms of Sale: Here we will declare our terms of sale that we mutually settle with buyer (Consignee). When we click on terms of sale button so some option will appear where we declare sales terms in percentage, but remember one thing total must be equal to 100.
For Examples:-
Option 1Option 2Option 3
* 20% Advance Payment
* 80% L/C At Sight
* 100% Documents Against Payment.* 100% Advance Payment.  etc…

3- Goods Declaration Section:-

(i) Goods Description: Write a complete description of goods, i.e. 100% Cotton Men`s Shirts etc.
(ii) Quantity: Here we mention the total quantity of goods.
(iii) UOM: Select Unit of measurement of shipment.
(iv) Invoice Value: Write total Form E amount.
Completely fill this goods description section and press Add button

4- Bank Details for Form-E Issuance:

Now, we will provide our dealing banks details here. First select bank, then the city where our bank exists and in last select branch, while selecting branch be careful because this request will send to your selected branch.

5- Submit Form-E Issuance Request To Bank:

Finally, we have successfully prepared online Form-E issuance request before we submit this request we will check everything again for any error or mistake, after checking now we will press submit button to send Form-E issuance request to bank. 

6- Get Online Form-E Number From Bank:

After submitting, the request automatically forwarded to your selected branch of the bank, They (Bank) will verify and approved your request, once bank approved Form-E issuance request so they will also issue a Form-E number that can be seen in your request in WeBoc (As indicating in image below) and that`s all.

Need Help? 
This tutorial can become more productive if you ask questions to clarify any confusion or doubts you may have in mind. This is the most detailed tutorial on creating form-e issuance request in weboc ever shared online, so feel free asking questions so that we may better assist you. All these tutorials are shared with a sole purpose in mind to better help the traders. I wish we succeed with this sincere help. Wish you all a good luck. Peace and blessings buddies!

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