How to Add Bank`s Approved Electronic Form-E in Weboc

Last Updated: February 15, 2019
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How Clearing Agent Will Add Electronic Form-E In Weboc ?

Do you really want to know, What is a procedure to add approved Electronic Form-E in Weboc? If yes, then of course this is a right place for you, here we are going to discuss how a customs clearing agent will add the banks approved Electronic E-Form in WeBoc and In our previous post where we already described the complete process how an Export submit the Electronic Form-E issuance request in WeBoc.

Procedure To Attach Electronic Form-E In Weboc GD:-

At the time of GD filing process, first we will enter other particulars after that click on ‘ADD FORM-E’ button in Form-E information section as shown in the image below.

When we clicked the ADD FORM-E button so following pop-up windows is shown, then search the required form-e number provided by the exporter in the given text box, once required form-e found so it will appear on your screen now tick mark check box and then click attach button,  once we clicked attach button system will validate the following particulars of the ‘Form-E’ with Goods declaration document (as shown in below screens) :

a. Country
b. Delivery Term
c. Port of Discharge
d. Consignee Name

The System will re-validate with data with approved Form E information and data which claim in GD if its mismatch with each other than system show an error when attaching form-e in GD.


For Example:

If agents provided information during the GD filing and approved Form-E information not match so following error will show on screen.

—————————————— WeBoc`s Error —————————————–
Form-E: ABL-2015-00000001 Mismatched Following Information provided in GD

* Country
* Delivery Term
* Port of Discharge
* Consignee Name


After clicking on ‘ATTACH’ button, the system will validate it if approved form e data and GD details are same then system add this ‘Form-E’ in to your Goods Declaration, which will be displayed in the GD as shown below: 
———————————— XX—XX—-XX—XX —————————————

WeBoc`s Electronic Form-E Sample:-

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