Procedure to Amend Electronic Form-E in Weboc

Last Updated: February 15, 2019
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How To Amend Electronic Form-E in WeBoc

First of all I would like to thank my readers who like and appreciate our previous article How to Add Bank`s Approved Electronic Form-E in Weboc, and here in this post we see how to correct the Electronic Form-E before and after approval, we also discuss What is a procedure to short Electronic Form-E amount (Short Shipment Procedure), How to cancel Electronic Form-E and What is the Expiry Period of Electronic Form-E In WeBoc

Amend Electronic Form-E Before Approval:

Banks can`t amend Electronic Form-E at any stage, but the exporter can amend Electronic E-Form before it is approved or rejected by the Bank. Once the Bank has approved or rejected Form-E, it cannot be amended by the exporter.


How to Amend Approved Electronic Form-E:

Amend-Approved-Form-E-In-WeBocIf the exporter mistakenly put wrong information at the time of creating online From E issuance request and his request has been approved by the bank so the exporter can`t change Form-E information.

How will exporter correct electronic Form E information after approval? Yes! It’s true, we can`t amend Form-E details after approval, so what is a solution, the solution is so simple, first exporter will request the bank to cancel that Form-E and then the exporter again file new form-e issuance request with correct information, that’s all.

(Note: Make sure approved electronic Form-E, Must not be attached in submitting Gd nor prepared or save Gd, if Form-E already attached in Gd so get it removed first from there)

Short Shipment in Weboc or How To Short Electronic Form-E`s Amount 

When the exporter ship a quantity less than that declared on Electronic Form-E, So the Banks will negotiate/collect the shipping documents on the basis of value declared/mention in Goods Declaration Form after verification from WeBOC.

Shipments Shut-out Entirely

1-When the shipment shutout from predetermine vessel and reshipped by another vessel, so approved Electronic Form-E shall remain valid.

2-When the shipment is entirely shutout and is not being reshaped by another vessel, approved Electronic Form-E will be detached by the Customs from the GD Form and can be reused within the original validity period.

Cancellation Procedure of Electronic Form-E in WeBoc

1- Banks can cancel Electronic Form-E after it is submitted by the exporter.

2- Banks can also cancel approved Electronic Form-E before it is attached to GD Form by the exporter.

Expiry Period of Electronic Form-E In WeBoc

In two cases when the Electronic E-Form will automatically expire in WeBoc which are given below

1- When the bank will not accept the exporter`s Electronic Form-E issuance request within 15 days.

2- When the exporter not use (ship) a Form-E within 45 days from the date of approval.

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