List of Customs Collectors (East) with Contact Numbers.

Last Updated: December 8, 2015
Category: Customs-Procedure
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List of Customs Collectorate With Contact Numbers (East)

Here we are going to share the names and telephone numbers of higher customs officer of Pakistan Customs, Such as contact number of Additional Collector, contact number of Deputy Collector, contact number of Assistant Collector etc..

S.No.Name & Designation Work DistributionExtensionDirect / Cell
Collector MCCA (East)201021-99210366
1Mr.Khaleel Ibrahim YousfaniGroup-I-III-IV & VI212021-99210384
Additional Collector-IEstablishment, Admin, R&D, MIS,021-99210527
FTA Cell, User ID, Facilitation Section,
Adjudication, DTRE, Lab & PRV Cell.
2Mr.Haris AnsariGroup-II-V-VII & VIII212021-99210534
Additional Collector-IIOne Customs, Refund, Warehousing021-99210388
Law, FTO, Securities & Classification
3Mr.Muteen AlamExamination and Auction at all Wharves /021-32860541
Additional Collector-IIIOff-Dock terminal, Inter-Port-Movements,021-32860543
Audit, MCD, Transit & Transshipment 
& Recovery
4Mr.Jam ImranGroup-1   MIS-II,  Change Management &233021-99210387
Assistant CollectorRecovery (Sub-Section 1 of Section 202)
( PCT-01-27 )
5Mr.Ataullah ShabirGroup-II,  MIS-I,  Classification Committee216021-99210532
Deputy Collector& FTO.  ( PCT-28-38 )
6Ms.Hina GulGroup-III / VII, DTRE, Securities219021-99210528
Deputy Collector( PCT-39-49 & 86-99 )
7Ms.Zahra Tahir NaqviGroup-IV, Refund, Adjudication220021-99210369
Deputy CollectorWarehousing & MCD ( PCT-50-70 )
8Ms.Sanam QureshiGroup-V, Hqrs, R&D, Lab Pre-Refund, Audit204021-99210386
Deputy Collector& PRV Cell & FTA Cell ( PCT-71-82 )
9Mr.Zaheer AbbasGroup-VI, Transit & Transshipment and 215021-99210529
Deputy CollectorFacilitation & Coordination ( PCT-83-85 )
10Mr.Shah Faisal SahuGroup-VIII, One Custom, User ID, 222021-99214290
Deputy CollectorFacilitation.
11Mr.Ali Waheed KhanEast Wharf, Examination And Auction at East Wharf, Groyne 
Deputy CollectorYard, Railway Dry Port, TPX and 
Timber Pond, Law DR in Appellate
12Mr.Saqib ur RehmanPICT Examination & Auction021-32860542
Assistant Collector
13Mr.Maqbool Ahmed BalochPICT Examination & Auction021-32860542
Assistant Collector
14Mr.Omar Bin ZafarNLCCT & Pak Shaheen Terminal021-36066863
Assistant CollectorExamination & Auction & Inter Port 
Movement, Audit ( External & Internal)
15Mr.Muhammad IqbalChief Account Officer224021-99214498