How to Make Child ID On Weboc

Last Updated: January 7, 2022


Procedure To Create Child Id on WeBoc System

Why we have to make weboc`s child id? its quite interesting question lets find out the answer, as we all very well aware about the fact, if our weboc id is already login, in our computer so we can`t login at a same time in different computers, so what happen when we have numerous employees and they all use weboc at a same time so what will you do?
No, no don`t worry here is a solution, to solve this problem we Create Child ID in WeBoc, therefore in this post we will show you, how can you make weboc`s child id just in simple 4 steps.

Step 1: Login in Weboc

First of all visit the Weboc’s website and Login in Weboc (Web Based One Customs) using your user name and password, After login you see a page as shown in below image now click setting as indicating in the image.


Step 2: Enter in Create Child Id Menu

After clicking Setting link, the page will as appear as you can see in below image, Now click on “Create Child ID


Step 3: Creating ID

Once we click Create Child IDs link, an other page will open where you can see your information now just click the “Create Child ID ” button.


Step 4: Note Id From Screen

As we click the create child id button, system will generate the id and show on screen as indicating in image below, on the other hand system will email password.

Send WeBoc Login Details:

Once you press create child id button so system will send login id & password in your email id which you provide at the time of NTN registration.


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