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Last Updated: September 14, 2019
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This post share download links of VGM Undertaking format. Here you can download VGM weightment request format, weight inside terminal or weight outside the terminal.

There are 3 scenarios, which will be applicable for VGM declaration, as follows:

  • 1. VGM Submitted to the Shipping Line
  • 2. VGM Submitting to the Terminal Operator (QICT)
  • 3. VGM required inside Terminal against weightment Tariff

An undertaking is required at a pre-gate level along with Export Documents for each container, certifying that VGM Certificate is in accordance with the prescribed guideline under Final Notice No. 001/2016 dated 20 June 2016 received from DGP&S.

Undertaking For VGM Weightment Request (Weight Inside Terminal)

Download VGM Format
Inside Terminal Against Weightment Tariff

If you want terminal will weight for VGM inside the terminal so attached this Undertaking along with other export documents i.e consignment note + invoice + Loading program (SRO) etc…

Undertaking For Declaring VGM (Outside Terminal)

Download VGM Format
VGM Submitted to the Shipping Line Or to the Terminal Operator.
VGM Submitting To The Terminal Operator.

If you already get your container weighted from other the weightment bridge so you should attach this undertaking along with weight slip and other export documents i.e consignment note + invoice + Loading program (SRO) etc…

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