Custom Duty and Taxes In Pakistan

Last Updated: July 11, 2019
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List of Import Duty & Taxes In Pakistan On Imported Goods

If you want to import goods into Pakistan so you must pay import duty and taxes on imported goods, whether you are a private individual or a commercial importer, For calculating import customs duty CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) value of the consignment will use. However, import duty can also be charged per unit of measure. Additionally to duty, imports are subject to sales tax (VAT), excise on some products, and import regulatory duty.

Customs Duty

Import custom duty rates in Pakistan vary from 0% to 100%, Some Goods such as laptops, other electronic & meat of sheep or goats, etc.. Can be imported free of import duty.

Additional Custom Duty

1% additional customs duty also apply on all dutiable goods in Pakistan for imported goods.

Sales Tax

All goods imported into Pakistan are liable to sales tax at the time of import, except goods specifically exempted under section 13, if exported by a manufacturer as mentioned in SIXTH SCHEDULE The Sales Tax Act, 1990 (Start From Page No.105). When applicable, the standard GST rate is 17% and the reduced rate is 5%, calculated on the sum of the CIF value.

Additional Sales Tax

Here in Pakistan Commercial importer will have to pay an extra 3% additional sales tax for imported goods.

Income Tax

There is a 6 % income tax in Pakistan for imported goods.


Cess Duty on imported goods in Pakistan vary from 0.9% to 0.95% of the CIF value of the consignment

Excise duty

Excise duty is applicable to merchandise such as liquor and tobacco items. It can be applied ad valorem calculated on the sum of the CIF value and applicable duty, or it can be specific, i.e. charged per unit of measure.

Import regulatory duty

Import regulatory duty is charged on some products at a rate between 5% and 50% calculated on the CIF value.

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6 responses to “Custom Duty and Taxes In Pakistan”

  1. Hi. Can you please enlist the documents required by private individuals (not commercial importers) for custom clearance for import of goods

  2. Hello
    I don't understand exactly what this duty rates are.I want to start a franchise in Pakistan, with supplements. So what I will have to pay?

  3. I am going to import wet baby wipes from China. Will they be entitled for exemption or discounted duty as we have FTA with China? And what would be approximate duty on it, if any?

    What other duties, taxes will be applicable and at what rate?

    Thanks in advance for the help and guidance.

  4. Ahsan Shah says:

    We need to import a 25 tons heavy used excavator for mining use, can someone help with tax & duty calculations please.

  5. FENG says:

    hello everybody, how can I check the duty rates including Customs Duty, Additional Customs Duty, Sales Tax, Additional Sales Tax, Income Tax in real time? any website available for checking them? Thanks a lot.

  6. Ameer hamza says:

    I want to import shoe raw material can anyone help me to import them??

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