Download Weboc`s Android Application

Last Updated: February 16, 2019
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In Order to Install WeBoc`s Android Application in Your Mobile, Just Type WeBoc Apps In Google Play Store & Install It, That’s All!

Download WeBoc Adroid App (From Google Play Store) 

Download WeBoc Adroid App`s APK File  

Track GD Status with Instance Access

– You can search current status of your GDs using GD or BL number, this feature also enables you to retrieve the status of vessel.
Write Complete GD Number For Example:  KPPE-SB-123456-07-06-2016

Find out Latest Tariff, Exemptions and Conditions

– This feature provides latest tariff, applicable exemptions and conditions of import ability.

Find Updated Valuation Rulings and Guidelines

– Search valuation rulings issued by customs through different parameters such as HS Code, Origin, and Description.

Container Off-Loading status Tracking on your Finger Tips

– Know container off-loading status with ease.

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