Invalid HS Codes As Per Finance Budget 2016-17

Last Updated: February 17, 2019
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Invalid HS Codes in WeBoc System

According to Finance Budget 2016-2017, the HS Codes listed below have been de-activate in WeBOC System, These Hs Code will not be available for filing any GD for clearance purpose.

4907.0000Unused postage, revenue or similar stamps of current or
new issue in the country in which they have, or will have, a
recognised face value; stamp-impressed paper;
banknotes, cheque forms; stock, share or bond
certificates and similar documents of title.
8501.3100Electric motors and generators Of an output not exceeding 750 W
8501.3200Electric motors and generators Of an output exceeding 750 W but not exceeding 75 kW
8539.3100Fluorescent, hot cathode
8539.3200Mercury or sodium vapour lamps; metal halide lamps
8539.3910Energy saving lamp
8539.3920EnergySaving Tubes 

List of De-activated Hs Code in Finance Budget 2016-17

Reproduce the message, that we received in WeBoc, Regarding Deactivation of Invalid HS Codes.

Dear All,
As per Finance Budget 2016-17, the following HS Codes have been de-activated in WeBOC system.
These HS Codes could not available for filing any GD for clearance purpose. However, all traders/clearing agents are requested that in case of their TP(s) pertaining to goods under these HS Codes, which have been forwarded to upcountry dry ports of MCC Appraisement, Lahore, the concerned AC/DC group may be consulted for filing GDs.

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