Complaint against Customs Officials and Clearing Agent

Traders deserve a just and fair treatment. Accordingly, we encourage you to report about any Customs Officials and Clearing Agents who approach you for the following in respect of your own case:
  • Extortion
  • Blackmailing/Harassment
  • Unnecessary delays after submission of required documents

Please give your name and contact number with GD reference. We assure you of prompt action and redress.


For MCC PMBQ (Port Qasim)
Name: Khalil Yousfani
Designation: Additional Collector
Tele No. 021-99272367
Fax: No. 021-99272355

For MCC Appraisement-East (PICT)
Name: Masood Ahmed
Designation: Additional Collector
Tele: 021-99210384
Fax: 021-99210368

For MCC Appraisement-West (KICT)
Name: Sana Ullah Abro
Designation: Additional Collector
Tele No. 021-99214180
Fax: No. 021-99214172

For the Office of Chief Collector-South
Name: Muhammad Saeed Wattoo
Designation: Additional Collector
Tele: 021-99214219
 Fax: 021-99214134

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