Procedure to Import Mobile Phone From Aliexpress in Pakistan – How to Buy Mobile From Aliexpress

Last Updated: July 19, 2019
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How to Buy Mobile From Aliexpress

How to Buy Mobile From Aliexpress: Importing a mobile phone from AliExpress in Pakistan is not as difficult as we usually think, here we share our personal experience and explain the complete procedure to import the smart mobile phone from AliExpress in Pakistan.

Procedure to Order Smart Mobile Phone from AliExpress in Pakistan

Here are the details steps, we will discuss these in details:

  1. Choose a website or online store where you want to buy the mobile phone,
  2. Order your phone & using your VISA debit/credit card.
  3. Get your shipping details, Tracking number & Airway Bill Number from your seller.
  4. Using your tracking number, Tracking your order, when it reaches Pakistan
  5. Wait for the Customs Detention letter, from Pakistan Post.
  6. Applied for NOC From PTA
  7. You will have to go to Pakistan Post for Customs Clearance at GPO
  8. Your phone will be delivered by the postman, Pay customs duties and other charges to him
  9. Receive your phone and enjoy.

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