Duty Free Items for Pakistani Passengers at Airport in Pakistan – Pakistan Airport Customs Duty Free Items

Last Updated: February 16, 2019

Duty-Free Items for Pakistani Passengers at Airport in Pakistan – Pakistan Airport Customs Duty-Free Items

Duty-Free Items for Pakistani Passengers: In this video, discuss duty-free items for Pakistani passengers at the airport in Pakistan – Pakistan airport customs duty-free items

Duty-free allowance for Pakistani nationals with a stay abroad

Pakistani nationals returning home are entitled to following duty-free allowance:

Items of personal use on each entry, and

Items of personal use include

  • Personal wearing apparel and clothing accessories;
  • Personal adornments and toilet requisites and electric shaver in use;
  • Pushcart. toys and goods of personal use of a child passenger;
  • Wheelchair for personal use;
  • Medals, trophies, and prizes bestowed upon the passenger;
  • Electric iron, hairdryer and hairdresser;
  • 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 500 grams of manufactured tobacco;
  • Mobile phone;
  • Wristwatch;
  • The laptop computer and its accessories in use of the passenger

The following goods on the first visit in a calendar year only:

  • One radio or one ordinary tape recorder excluding hi-fi systems and home theatres;
  • One VCP or VCR or VCD or DVD player or a similar appliance having more than one of the playing, recording or display functions;
  • One still camera and one video camera;
  • Personal Jewellery in reasonable quantity;
  • Professional tools of the value not exceeding US S 500;
  • Other goods (excluding television, deep freezer, refrigerator. microwave oven, cooking range, washing machine, and air conditioner) of the value not exceeding USD $ 500:


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