WeBOC Glo Ka ID Password Reset Kaise Karen Sirf 1 Minute Main (Reset WeBOC ID Password 2019)

Last Updated: May 27, 2019

WeBOC Glo Ka ID Password Reset Kaise Karen Sirf 1 Minute Main

WeBOC Glo Ka ID Password Reset Kaise Karen Sirf 1 Minute Main (Reset WeBOC ID Password 2019)

If you have forgotten your WeBOC password, even you don’t remember WeBOC id, so what will you do to recover your Weboc id password and how can you reset Weboc id password? these question may be brainstorming in your mind so don’t worry, we will explain here in details, How can you reset WeBOC Glo id password in just 1 minute sitting in your office or home.

How to Reset WeBOC ID Password (In WeBOC Glo 2019)

This article divided into two part, in first part we guide you how can you get forgotten WeBOC id, and second part we cover can you recover WeBOC Password using new WeBOC Glo.

How to Get Forgotten WeBOC ID

Getting forgotten WeBOC id, is not a big deal any more, just fellow the id format as mention below:

WeBOC ID Format for Traders

For Example: TR-0-NTN# (TR-0-1234567)

WeBOC ID Format for Clearing Agents

For Example: CA-0-NTN# (CA-0-1234567)

How to Recover Forgotten WeBOC Password

In order to recover fogotten WeBOC password, visit Weboc`s website weboc.gov.pk.


After visiting weboc home page press forgot password button link, as indicating in above image.


After pressing forgot password button, new popup will appear in front of your screen, simply fill this form and press submit button.

Weboc-glo-invalid-information-password-reset-information System will show you error message “Invalid Information (WeBOC Password Reset)” this happen when you type something wrong.

As in above image, system show error invalid information because we type NTN with check digit such as 1234567-2



If you fill this form correctly so system show you “password reset link has been sent to your email ID” message appear.


Now system will sent you confirmation email, check your email


Open email and press button as guide you in image.


Now simply write here you new weboc password here and press submit button, your password will instantly change, that’s all.


We tried our best to explain this WeBOC id and password recovery process as simple as possible. We must appreciate Pral team`s (who developed WeBOC software) efforts, WeBOC Glo is truly amazing.

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