WeBOC Glo Review Let’s Explore What’s New Inside – WeBOC Glo New Features

Last Updated: May 27, 2019

What is WeBOC Glo?

WeBOC stands for Web-Based One Customs, WeBOC Glo is a newly launched version of WeBOC Software, WeBOC is using for customs clearing purpose in Pakistan, where importer, exporter, and their clearing agent file goods declaration through WeBOC Glo, WeBOC is Developed and maintained by PRAL(Pakistan Revenue Automation Ltd).


WeBOC Glo Review Let’s Explore What’s New Inside – WeBOC Glo New Features

WeBOC Glo, as we all know that WeBOC Glo Version 1.0 is recently launched, so here we will review WeBOC Glo and show you whats new features and functions included in this new version.

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Procedure to Change WeBOC User ID and Password (Simple and Easy)?

WeBOC GLO Forgot Password feature, this is an amazing feature where WeBOC user can easily reset password sitting in their office and home, When this feature was not available, so user personally visited Assistant Collector(A/C) or Deputy Collector (D/C) office along with original request letter then A/C or D/C send their password to registered email address, But now WeBOC Glo make our this password change process so easy.

We have already discussed in our previous post, How to Reset WeBOC ID Password (In WeBOC Glo 2019), so follow this guide to reset WeBOC id password.




How To Get Import/Export Clearance Data in WeBOC Glo?

Getting clearance data is very important for every import and export business, traders buy import data to run their business, but now getting clearance data in Pakistan is Free, WeBOC GLO Clearance Data Feature provides us the facility to get our required products data.

Step No.1
In the Home page of WeBOC`s  website scroll down and find clearance data link as mention in below image

Step No.2
Once you visited clearance data link, the other window will open similar to below mention image, where you type hs code of product and press search button.


Step No.3
After pressing the search button, clearance data appear, where you can get required information such as product unit price, country of origin, product description, etc…


How To Get Import Customs Duty and Exemptions/SROs in WeBOC (Tariff and SROs)?

How to get import customs duty and exemption SRO, this is a most asked common question that asked from us, getting customs import duty is no problem anymore, now anyone can get this information simply visited the weboc website. As indicated in the image below, find Tariff and SRO and visit it.


Another window will open where you need to type product hs code and press search button.


Once you press the search button, complete duty structure appears in front of you, where you can check customs duty, additional customs duty, sales tax, income tax, SROs and exemption details.


How to Check Container Status in WeBOC Glo?

In order to check the availability of the container, WeBOC Glos Container Information tool will help you, find container information option in the WeBOC Glo`s website home-page.


Type Container and press search button, this feature shows you Container Number: XXXXXX is available to use in GD.


WeBOC-Glo main Features

1) Improved User Interface.

2) Quota Management of Bulk Export Cargo.

3) Establishment of IT interfaces with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for automation of Exemption Certificates.

4) Availability of WeBOC Glo on Chrome and Edge to provide convenience to users.

5) TFA: Enhanced Security Features, to safeguard the User IDs and relevant data of importers/ exporters.

6) Login Page: search engine for TARIFF and relevant SROs to empower users in Tariff and Import/ Export Policy information for correct filling and assessment of GDs without actually logging in to WeBOC.

7) Login Page: Update Container Status.

WeBOC Glo Review Let’s Explore What’s New Inside – WeBOC Glo New Features

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