Import Goats, Cow, Bulls, Livestock in Pakistan (Total Kharcha)

Last Updated: July 25, 2019
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How to import Goats, Cow, Bulls, Livestock in Pakistan

If you are interested in the livestock import business. So this article is for you. You will learn here, how can you import goats, cow, bulls, and buffalo in Pakistan. We will also share the import duty on livestock i.e custom duty, sales tax, income tax, etc.

What animals are considered livestock?

Commonly, livestock refers to domestic animals. Which brought up in local environmental conditions to obtain labor and products such as eggs, milk, meat, leather, and wool. In Pakistan Cow, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, mules, buffalo, oxen, llamas, or camels are included in livestock.

The Requirement for Livestock Import Business in Pakistan

Good news is that! In Pakistan, there is no need to get any license to start an import/export business. Just register your business with FBR obtain NTN Certificate, Sales Tax and apply for WeBOC registration that all.

Documents Required for Livestock in Pakistan

  • Invoice for shipment.
  • Health certificate issued by a quarantine officer from the country of export.
  • NOC from animal quarantine department of the ministry of national food security & research in Pakistan
  • Bill of lading.
  • A copy of the Letter of Credit or Contract (if any).
  • A copy of the Sales Tax Registration Certificate as an importer.
  • A copy of the National Tax Number.
  • Copy of the most recent sales tax return

Livestock Import Custom Clearance Procedure and Cost (Total Kharcha)

We have already explained the detailed article where we share everything which you need to know about livestock import custom clearance procedure and Cost.

Custom Clearance Agent Fee or Charges

Now lets, talk about custom clearance agent fee or charges for the clearing for livestock in Pakistan. Honestly, their charges are not fixed. They will quote you according to the complexity of your shipment. On average custom clearing agent charged around Rs.5000/- to 12000/- estimated for the livestock customs clearance.

HS Codes of Livestock Goats, Cow, Sheep, Buffalo and Bulls

Following are the Hs codes of Goat, Sheep, Cows, Bulls, and Buffalo.

  • Live Goat HS Code: 0104.1000
  • Live Sheep HS Code: 0104.2000
  • Live Cows HS Code: 0102.2120 (Pure-bred breeding)
  • Live Bulls HS Code: 0102.2110 (Pure-bred breeding)
  • Live Buffalo: HS Code: 0102.3100 (Pure-bred breeding)

Import Duty on Livestock (Goats, Cow, Sheep, Buffalo, and Bulls) in Pakistan

Below is the list of livestock (Goats, Cow, Sheep, Buffalo, and Bulls) import tariff in Pakistan.

  1. Income Tax @ 12.0000
  2. Additional Custom Duty @ 2.0000
  3. Customs Duty @ 3.0000
  4. Additional Sales Tax @ 3.0000
  5. Sales Tax @ 17.0000

Calculate Customs Import duty on livestock

Let`s calculate the customs import duty on livestock. So suppose we imported a cow having the value of 370 US $ (Rs.60,000) exchange rate: 160.25 USD.

Following is the duty and taxes you will have to pay at the time of customs clearing of your cow in Pakistan (livestock).

  • Customs Duty Rs.2127 (12%)
  • Sales Tax Rs.12654 (17%)
  • Additional Sales Tax Rs.2233 (3%)
  • Income Tax Rs.10719 (12%)
  • Additional Customs Duty Rs.1418 (2%)
  • Total Import Duty and Taxes on a Cow = Rs. 29151 (Estimate)

Condition and Instruction

  • As per clause 5(A)(iv), the ban on import of poultry and poultry products are lifted from
    South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Iraq, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, subject to certification from respective veterinary authority of the exporting country that birds are only from such flocks where no incidence of Bird-Flu has been reported for the last eleven years
  • Please check As per Appendix B Part I serial 1, HEALTH CERTIFICATE ISSUED BY A QUARANTINE OFFICER FROM THE COUNTRY OF EXPORT is required on import of “Live animals, animal semen, and embryos”
  • Please check As per Appendix B Part I serial 1, NOC from Animal Quarantine Department of Ministry of National Food Security & Research, GOP is required on import of “Live animals, animal semen, and embryos”
  • Please check As per Appendix B Part I serial 1, NOC from National Council for Conservation of Wild Life (NCCW) for wildlife species including those mentioned in Appendix-II of the CITES. is required on import of “Live animals, animal semen and embryos”

Exemptions / SROs




Sales Tax

6th Schedule-1

Live Animals and live poultry

Customs Duty


Customs Duty @ 5% on import of goods-Goats under SAFTA

Customs Duty

SRO 659(I)/2007-18

Customs Duty @ 0% on import of- Goatsunder Pak-China FTA

Customs Duty


Table-I Custom Duty @ 0%on import of goods into Pakistan from Malaysia under FTA-Goats

Customs Duty


Federal Government is pleased to exempt on import into Pakistan from Sri Lanka, if made in conformity with the “rules of Determination of Origin of Goods under the Free Trade Agreement between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (Pakistan-Sri Lanka FTA Rules of Origin)” and the operating “Certification Procedures for the Rules of Origin”, notified by the Ministry of Commerce- ALL THE GOODS MENTIONED IN THE FIRST SCHEDULE TO THE SAID ACT BUT NOT SPECIFIED IN TABLES I, II & III OF SRO 280(I)/2014