How to Find Wholesale Suppliers for Import Business in Pakistan (Using FBR Data)

Last Updated: September 8, 2019
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If you are new in the import business or intend to start your own business so some questions must be brainstorming in your mind. How to find wholesale suppliers for import business in Pakistan (using the FBR data)? How do I buy directly from a manufacturer?  How do I find international manufacturers, How do I buy directly from a manufacturer?

After reading this post you will be in a position to answer all the above questions.

We shared a 100% trusted and tested method.

How to Find Wholesale Suppliers for Import Business in Pakistan

In order to find the Wholesale Supplier for your import business. We use FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) Data to get our required information. And how can we do this let’s see?

Step 1

Visit type FBR IGM and press search button. Google will suggest you most relevant result so click on Import General Manifest – FBR follow the image below.


Step 2

As you click the link. Import general manifest will show in front of you as mention in the image below. Now click on the IGM Number Link.


Step 3
Once you clicked the IGM link this will get to the details page where you can find your required wholesale supplier and also check the following information.

  • Index NO.
  • Goods Description
  • Port of Shipment
  • Gross Weight
  • Packages
  • Size of Equipment
  • Importer Name and Address
  • Exporter Name and Address (Consignor Name)
  • Bill of Lading NO.
  • Bill of Lading Date

Carefully check goods description column and find the goods in which you deal and in the same row, you can find the name of the wholesale supplier (Consignor).


Step 4
Now you need to create a list of wholesale suppliers who already supplies goods in Pakistan. So one by one click IGM No. link and check for your required items international exporter.


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