Most Common Misconception About WeBOC Registration Process

Last Updated: November 25, 2019
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Misconception About WeBOC Registration

Today we will talk about the most common misconception about the WeBOC registration process. We will also try to clear all your misconceptions regarding WeBOC ID SignUp (Registration).

Misconception About WeBOC Registration Process

  • Require Own Land or Property for Getting WeBOC ID.
  • Chamber of Commerce Certificate is Necessary for WeBOC.
  • Current Bank Statement is Compulsory.

Require Own Land or Property for Getting WeBOC ID?

This is a completely wrong perception. It’s not necessary to have your own land or office for getting the WeBOC ID. If you have so well and good but if you don’t have so don’t worry you still can signup for the WeBOC ID.

What can I do when I have an office on rent?

If you get office on rent so you must have signed a rent agreement with the landlord. In this case, one copy of the rent agreement and one copy of the landlord CNIC will be attached to documents.

What can I do when I own an office but property documents on my mother/father’s name?

No problem if you own office but property documents on your mother/father’s name still you can use these property documents. In this case, you will attach one copy of the property documents.

Can I use my house documents for getting WeBOC ID?

The simple and short answer is YES. At the initial stage of the business, it’s very difficult for the new business owner to get office on rent because they can’t afford it, therefore, they start from home. SO, in this case, you can use your home property documents.

Chamber of Commerce Certificate is Necessary for WeBOC

It’s another misconception and completely wrong. The Chamber of Commerce certificate is not necessary for WeBOC registration.

Current Bank Statement is Compulsory

The current bank account statement includes in the required document but not compulsory. If you don’t have any business transaction in the account so leave it.

Document Required For Register In WeBOC

  1. Proprietor Original CNIC
  2. NADRA Verification
  3. National-Income Certificate (NTN Certificate)
  4. Sales Tax Registration Certificate
  5. Property Documents Premises/Office/Rent Agreement with Photo Copy of the Landlord CNIC Copy
  6. Valid Karachi Chamber of Commerce Certificate
  7. Business (Office) Premises Current Utility Bills
  8. Undertaking on Stamp Paper Rs.100
  9. Bank Statement Current
  10. Bank Account Maintenance Certificate of the Firm (With Authorized Signature and Stamp)
  11. Bank Receipt of Pay Order / Cash Deposit Rs. 500
  12. Request for issuance of WeBOC ID on Letter Head
  13. WeBOC External User Registration Form
  14. IRIS-181 (Order to registration applicant and All Directors)
  15. IRIS-14(I) Order to registration applicant
  16. 114(I) Return of Income Filed Voluntarily for the complete year
  17. Active Taxpayers List (ATL) Sales Tax & Income Tax
  18. Visiting Card and 2 Photograph
  19. Partnership Deed
  20. Authority Letter/NOC Other Partner

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