What is PSW (Pakistan Single Window) – Benefits of PSW – PSW Features

Last Updated: January 7, 2022

What is PSW (Pakistan Single Window)

A Single Window is a facility that permits parties involved in trade and transport to lodge standardized information and documents with a single entry point to fulfill all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements. If information is electronic, then individual data elements should only be submitted once.

Features of PSW (Pakistan Single Window)

  • Connect Government’s 49 Trade Regulators
  • Decrease Cost and Time
  • Registration Process Super Easy & Paperless/ Contactless
  • Eliminate Form-E and EIF Form
  • Government Departments Issues Documents Online in PSW
  • Perform Joint Inspection
  • Port Community System

Connect Government’s 49 Trade Regulators

  1. Pakistan Customs
  2. State Bank of Pakistan
  3. Departments of Plant Protection
  4. Pakistan Standards & Control Authority
  5. Inland Revenue Services
  6. Animal Quarantine
  7. Livestock Wing
  8. PSI pre-shipment inspection agencies (12 in number)
  9. Mercantile Marine Department
  10. EPC (Export Price Certificate from APTMA)
  11. Certificate from Sialkot Material Testing Laboratory
  12. Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan
  13. Ministry of Commerce
  14. Ministry of Interior
  15. Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination
  16. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  17. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority
  18. Narcotics Control Division
  19. Federal Seed Certification & Registration Department
  20. Ministry of Climate Change
  21. Provincial EPAs
  22. DG Immigration & Passport
  23. Engineering Development Board
  24. Ministry of Defense
  25. Trade Development Authority of Pakistan
  26. OGRA/ Hydrocarbon institute of Pakistan
  27. Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority
  28. Pakistan Engineering Council
  29. PVT/ Ministry of Information
  30. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
  32. Department of Explosives
  33. Chief Inspector of Boilers
  34. Pakistan Cotton Standard Institute
  35. Certificate from Pakistan Tobacco Board
  36. Aviation Division
  37. National Ozone Unit
  38. Fisheries Development Board
  39. Textile Division
  40. Intellectual Property Organization
  41. Trading Corporation of Pakistan
  42. National Tariff Commission
  43. Export Processing Zones
  44. Pakistan Gems & Jewelry Development Commission
  45. Strategic Export Control Division
  46. Provincial Revenue Authorities (7 in members)
  47. Forestry Wing
  48. Port Authorities (Sea, Land, Air, and Border)

Benefits for the Government

  • Increase revenue yield
  • Improved compliance
  • Enhanced security/ controls

Benefits for the Traders

  • Reduced costs and time
  • Faster clearance
  • Transparency & Predictability
  • Less Opportunity for interpretation of laws, regulations etc.


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