Procedure to Get Nadra Vaccination Certificate Online in Pakistan

Last Updated: August 1, 2022
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In this post, we have explained the complete procedure to get NIMS Nadra Vaccination Certificate in Pakistan.

In fact, this is the exact process that I have used to Download NCOC Vaccination Certificate for myself.

So if you want to get your Covid vaccination certificate, then you’ll love this new Nadra Vaccination Certificate tutorial.

Can We Get a Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate After First Dose in Pakistan?

Yes, one can easily get a Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate After First Dose. Citizens who have received 1st dose of the coronavirus vaccine and are trying to travel abroad can now get the Covid vaccine certificate.

Step by Step Guidelines to Download Nadra Vaccination Certificate

After getting first the dose or second dose (fully vaccinated), the applicant will access .

Procedure to Get Nadra Vaccination Certificate

Step #1: Access NIMS website by entering “”

You will land on the HOME page of the NIMS website and press the Corona Vaccine Certificate button.

Nadra Covid Vaccination Certificate Online

Now enter the required information such as CNIC # and CNIC date of issue and press the button.

Covid Vaccine Certificate Pakistan_3

Step #2: Provide Additional Information details

Here Provide Additional Information details, like name of the applicant on Passport or CNIC, applicant’s password no#, nationality of the applicant, and press button.

Nadra Vaccination Certificate Online_4

Step #3: Payment Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms & Conditions. Accept and press the button.

How to Get Registered for Covid Vaccine in Pakistan_6

Step #4: Pay Nadra Vaccination Certificate Fee

The fee of Nadra’s Vaccination Certificate is Rs.100/-

Provide Credit/Debit Card Information.

Immunization Certificate for Covid 19_7

Step #5: Print Payment Receipt

Print payment receipt and press continue.

Vaccination Certificate Covid

Step #6: Review Information

Review Information before Certificate Issuance.

Vaccination Certificate Nadra

Step #7: Download Certificate

Press the Download Certificate button and download Nadra’s vaccination certificate.

Vaccination Certificate Pakistan

Immunization Certificate for Covid-19

Vaccination Certificate Download

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