What is Single Declaration in PSW | PSW Single Declaration Vs Weboc Goods Declaration

Last Updated: April 25, 2022


In this post, we have explained what is single declaration in PSW. we also compared PSW Single Declaration Vs Weboc Goods Declaration.

What is Single Declaration in PSW?

Single Declaration is the submission of electronic data/ information for customs clearance of export, import, and transit-related goods at a single point. Different Cross Border Regulatory Agencies prescribe data requirements that are often overlapping. To avoid the repetitious submission of data, it’s necessary to have a harmonized data set. The Single Declaration is actually grounded on the concept of developing a harmonized data set so that for import/export transactions or a transport movement to take place, the concerned actors aren’t obliged to submit the same data constantly to different agencies. Information submitted formerly shall be re-used.

Regulatory permissions will be given without dealers having to approach different agencies. Information applicable to different agencies shall be submitted to the concerned agencies for processing. The single declaration will only cover ‘clearance-related’ applications and declarations of Customs and other government agencies.

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