PSW Financial Instrument Ka Balance Kab Re-Use Karain (All Conditions)

Last Updated: June 17, 2022

PSW Financial Instrument Ka Balance Kab Re-Use Kar Sakte Hain (Next Export Shipment Ke Liye) Discuss all Possibilities!

Hello Friends, My name is Narinder Maheshwary, I am going to discuss here a question, that was asked by one of our subscribers, and the question is, can we re-use financial instruments in the next export shipment if the consignee and destination port changed? Can we attach the same financial instrument?

So today I am going to discuss these topics in detail and try my best to explain everything, what will you do in that condition.

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We are all very well aware before PSW, WeBOC was used as a Custom Clearance Software, and In WeBOC if you had to export any product from Pakistan, then first you had to issue a Form-E/ E-Form from the bank.

In WeBOC, we had to issue a separate Form-E for each shipment. If it is assumed that there are 50 shipments per month, then a separate Form-E of 50 shipments had to be issued.

In PSW, this huge facility has been provided to an exporter so that the exporters can issue the financial instrument of a large amount. What used to be a Form-E in WeBOC has been changed to a financial instrument in PSW. So now the Form-E is called financial instruments in PSW. So you will no longer need to issue a separate financial instrument for every export shipment. Exporters will issue the same large amount of financial instruments and they can use it in any shipment.

Our subscriber asked us a related question. The buyer was someone else when we released the financial instrument but now the buyer of the next shipment is completely changed. So can we use financial instruments even in these conditions?

You all know that in order to issue a financial instrument, the exporter has to give all the information to the bank. i.e

  • Consignee Name.
  • Consignee Address.
  • Product Hs Code.
  • Total Value of Export Goods.
  • Description of Goods.

PSW Financial Instrument Ka Balance Kab Re-Use Karain

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  1. fatima says:

    Hello Sir,
    can you guide n what should we do when our FI expired before its balance is zero

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