We have to advise you that unfortunately Vessel Long Beach Traders /017 encountered with some technical issues and will not arrive Karachi in given time and it may take a further 10-12 days to arrive Karachi.

Like your goodselves, we are also very much disappointed at this. However, it is beyond our control.

We are monitoring the situation and will keep you posted once Final ETA receive.

We once again express our sorrow for the inconvenience caused, and assure you of our best co-operation and services at all times.




  1. Moazzam Rashid on

    Would you please suggest what would we do in case of being charged with LATE DELIVER CHARGES, which will be charged by clients.
    If possible, be kind to justify this technical delay.
    Sincere regards

  2. Dear Publisher,
    The Subjected Vessel were stucked in a Dry Dock Near Mundra Port, India since 10th June, 2022.
    since time, the Wan Hai making promises to repair and repeatedly changing Arrival dates.

    can you please check source of your information to get the confirmed arrival date of this vessel at destination.
    because from Mundra port to Karachi, there is hardly transit of 20-Hours.


  3. Naveed ur Rizwan Azizi on

    Please update the latest as we came to know that the vessel is no more in sea it have got the space on Modra port or nearby port would you please confirm its status when this leaves for Karachi port

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