Understanding the Role of Notify Party in Import-Export: Key Concepts and Importance

Last Updated: June 21, 2023
Category: Import & Export


In international trade, the term “notify party” refers to a designated individual or entity that is to be notified or informed about certain events or documentation related to an import or export shipment. The role of the notify party is particularly important in the context of shipping and logistics.

The notify party is typically specified on various shipping documents, such as bills of lading or airway bills, and serves as a point of contact for receiving notifications and updates throughout the transportation process. The notify party is not necessarily the same as the consignee (the party to whom the goods are being shipped) or the shipper (the party who is sending the goods). Instead, the notify party acts as an intermediary or a recipient of information.

The primary purpose of specifying a notify party is to ensure effective communication and smooth coordination between the parties involved in the shipment. The notify party may be responsible for receiving notifications related to the arrival or departure of the goods, changes in the shipment schedule, delays, customs clearance, or any other relevant information. This helps in keeping all parties involved informed and allows for prompt actions or decision-making when necessary.

The identity of the notify party can vary depending on the specific arrangements made between the buyer, seller, shipping company, and other parties involved. It is typically specified in the shipping instructions provided by the exporter or the shipper. The notify party can be a company or an individual, and their contact details, such as name, address, email, and phone number, are usually included in the shipping documents.

It’s important to note that the role of the notify party is primarily related to communication and receiving information, and it does not necessarily imply legal or financial responsibility for the shipment. The contractual obligations and responsibilities among the parties involved are defined in the relevant trade agreements, contracts, or Incoterms (International Commercial Terms).

In summary, the notify party in import/export refers to a designated recipient who is to be notified about specific events or documentation related to a shipment. They act as a point of contact for receiving notifications and updates throughout the transportation process, ensuring effective communication among the parties involved in the trade transaction.

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