Customs Values of Spices, Herbs & Edible/Natural Gums Under Valuation Ruling 1817/2023

In Valuation Ruling 1817/2023, Customs Values of Long Pepper ,Black Pepper (Whole), White Pepper (Whole) ,Cloves, Small Cardamom ,Big Cardamom, Mace, Cassia/Cinnamon ,Nutmeg, Star Anise, Black Seed (Kalonji), Corriander Seed(Dhania), Isabgol, Asalia Seeds, Gum Arabic(Skoto)/Gum Talha, Gum Copal, Gum Kamarkas, Gum Aloe (Elva)/Musabbar, Tej Patta, Tamarind With Seed, Seed Lac (Lakh Dana), Dry Ginger, Caraway Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Turmeric, Linseed are determined in the exercise of the powers conferred under Section 25A read with Sub-Section 15 of Section 25 of the Customs Act, 1969.

Import Values of Spices, Herbs & Edible/Natural Gums

Customs Values of Spices, Herbs & Edible/Natural Gums — hereinafter specified shall be assessed to duty/taxes following minimum Customs Values:-

S. NoDescription Of GoodsOriginPCT CodeCustoms
1Long PepperAll Origins 0904.11902.50
2Black Pepper (Whole)All Origins 0904.11102.40
3White Pepper (Whole)All Origins 0904.11203.00
4ClovesAll Origins 0907.10004.82
5Small Cardamom All Origins 0908.3120 5.00
6Big CardamomAll Origins 0908.31103.20
7MaceAll Origins 0908.21007.00
8Cassia/Cinnamon All Origins 0906.1100 1.50
9NutmegAll Origins 0908.1100 3.25
10Star AniseAll Origins 0909.61003.25
11Black Seed (Kalonji)All Origins 0909.61001.10
12Corriander Seed
All Origins 0909.21000.70
13IsabgolAll Origins 1211.90003.50
14Asalia SeedsAll Origins 1211.90000.90
15Gum Arabic
(Skoto)/Gum Talha
All Origins 1301.20000.60
16Gum CopalAll Origins 1301.90900.80
17Gum KamarkasAll Origins 1301.90900.50
18Gum Aloe (Elva) /MusabbarAll Origins 1301.90900.80
19Tej PattaAll Origins 0910.99100.78
20Tamarind With SeedAll Origins 0813.40100.32
21Seed Lac (Lakh Dana)All Origins 1301.90206.55
22Dry Ginger All Origins 0910.11001.20
23Caraway SeedsAll Origins 0909.61001.10
24Fennel Seeds All Origins 0909.61000.60
25Turmeric All Origins 0910.3000 0.50
26LinseedAll Origins1204.00000.20

Note: Reduction of 10% shall be admissible on total of above value on account of freight charges, if
goods are imported through land route.

Valuation Ruling 1817-2023

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